About Us


Enterprises are turning to digital technologies to connect with a wider audience, enhance customer experience and improve transactions. Integrass Application Services offers next generation application architecture to drive efficiency and help enterprise to build adaptable platforms with cloud first approach.

Application Development

Custom applications using existing and emerging technologies to meet specific business requirements

Application Modernization

Modernizing aging applications to pave the way for untapped possibilities and improve efficiency


Build Mobile applications, Mobile Products and responsive websites/portals to access to enterprise information

Integrass Services

Deliver projects based on Agile to bring greater efficiencies spanning the development and operations phases

Application Maintenance

Services that help to efficiently manage cost, complexity and capacity with higher service levels and new operational efficiencies


Create highly usable and intuitive designs that meet the needs of both business stakeholders and end users

Enterprise Integration

Connecting applications, data and devices to succeed in digital transformation journeys to realise the potential of the data